Rebecca – Infant Reflux Group UAE

I completed the Dou La La Baby Massage course recently. I have 3 children and my last 2 both suffered with reflux. Without any doubt making sure I took time to massage my boys every day (not always the same time of day- only when they were in the right mood for it!) helped enormously. Not only relieving the trapped wind and colic symptoms, but also I believe helped both my boys sleep a bit better (they are not great sleepers!!) as after doing the massage course I saw significant improvements. I even had a few situations where in the night when my youngest was so distressed I massaged his feet and he fell back asleep!!! In terms of specific help for reflux, the massaging over time helps build muscle mass and I know with my youngest he has lip tie and a tight diaphragm- both which exasperated the reflux. Again the massage helped both of these areas. He is now 8 months, I massage him every day and his reflux is almost a thing of the past. I managed to not medicate him which was important to me and I believe the massage helped with this.