Neha Singhwi Gangakhedkar – Private Postnatal Doula and Baby Massage

There is no job harder than being a new mum and the myraid pressure that comes with it to fit into the stereotypes and cliches. It was my luck and my stars were aligned that I happened to meet Louise. I met her in a prprofessional capacity where I was meant to learn a few good massaging strokes for my newborn baby, but as it turned out, it was not just massage that she taught me….she taught me the art of bonding with my baby. She made me feel more confident in my new role, her constant words of encouragement made me feel good about my myself and ta da! Just like that I found a friend in her – non judgemental and so accepting. Till date I massage my magical baby boy every day and he absolutely loves it! Last evening was out last session but hey, we won’t let go of her that easily! We love her and will continue being her friend!!! We love you and your calming voice Auntie Louise xx Bye Bye Louise, Bye Bye Louise, we’ll see you next week (singing it while I was writing it lol) Thank you for everything xxx