Hayley Bukhamsin – Doula Client July 2018

If anyone is looking for a doula, I just wanted to recommend Louise Atkinson (Dou La La) and Nicky Langley. We chose Louise as our doula and were so pleased she was available. She was so supportive, easy to chat to, always available and is so passionate about her job.
Our little lady decided to wait an extra week and a half to meet us, which meant Louise was out of the country, so her back up, Nicky attended the birth instead. She has a wealth of experience and was so brilliant. The instant she arrived we felt a change in atmosphere in the room (for the better!) and she made a huge difference to the way I was labouring.
I was uncertain of the value of doulas prior to giving birth 2 weeks ago but can’t praise these two highly enough, and would definitely recommend hiring a doula to anyone considering it.