Emma Whitham – March 2018

Our time with Louise has sadly come to an end but every evening when I massage my baby boy, I’m reminded how lucky we were to find Louise. What makes her massage classes so special is… Louise. Sami adored her and it’s easy to understand why – she’s so calm and kind and empathetic and supportive, you can’t help but feel at ease in her company. Sami just loves his massages and every one is such a precious bonding experience for us both, so I will forever be grateful to Louise for making them part of our lives. The fact that she came to us and was always so flexible made the whole experience so stress-free, and above and beyond the massage, our weekly chats were almost like therapy, and always made me feel like a better mum. I will definitely miss her – but not as much as Sami will! I really couldn’t recommend her and her classes highly enough.