Arti Joshi Naik -Feb 2018 Group

Our course comes to an end tomorrow and what a wonderful 5 weeks it has been. I decided to start a baby massage class as my 4 month baby girl Aashni was going through reflux, colic and general stomach issues. Aashni has absolutely loved being massaged and it has become part of our daily bed time routine. After each massage Aashni is content and relaxed which leads to a peaceful sleep! (Great for baby and me!)

Louise has been absolutely wonderful! She is approachable and extremely understanding. I know Aashni will definitely miss her calm and caring voice. Her teaching ability is fantastic especially if you are new to massaging your baby. She goes through each stroke carefully and ensures everyone has understood the techniques.

I would highly recommend baby massage to all new mums who wish to bond with their baby in the most calming and interactive way. Once again, thank you Louise. I have surely learnt some skills I can use on Aashni and any future babies xx